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iDelete Ltd - Providing a superior service in an ordinary world

Real Time Information (RTI) - Are you ready for this?

RTI is the biggest change to PAYE since its inception in 1944 and is being introduced to improve the operation of PAYE by providing HMRC with up to date information on employees. It will also help support the government with the introduction of the universal credit scheme.

From April 2013 RTI will affect all employers who operate a UK PAYE payroll. Because of this, employers will need to re-evaluate their process and evaluate and increase their payroll skill set.


Your employees are your most valuable business asset. By using an outsourced payroll function to handle your payroll, you can rest assured that your employees will be paid on time, all your filing obligations will be met, and that any payroll queries will be resolved swiftly.

Payroll can be prepared on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending upon your requirements.

The following is taken care of:

Your company has enough burdens, remove your payroll from this list.

Services include:

               The following reports are provided; computerised wage slips; wage analyses by department or employee; monthly UK                       PAYE and NI summaries; clear simple wage statements.

               Processing regular additions and deductions such as student loan payments or enforced deductions.

               One off arrestments and subsistence payments can also be calculated.

               Amendments can be made for any period in the current tax year. Reprints are available for any week or month, eg. Wage

               slips; statements and PAYE summaries.

PAYE • Year End Returns P35/P14/P60 • Completion of forms P45 and online submission of P45/P46

Fixed Pricing Service • Accounting Journals for your Ledgers • Direct Dealing with Third Parties

RTI - The biggest change to PAYE since its inception in 1944