iDelete Ltd
Providing a superior service in and ordinary world

iDelete Ltd - Providing a superior service in an ordinary world

Are you a Contractor? Do you work through an Agency?

Are you taxed at source (PAYE) by the agency that you work for? Do you use an Umbrella Scheme?

It is very likely that I can save you money.

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Even if you currently use a Limited Company for your earnings.

You work hard for the money that you earn. It can involve long hours, possibly under arduous conditions. You wish to keep as much of it as possible. This is where I can help. I understand that in the current economic climate you need to retain as much as you possibly can. IR35 dictates whether you will be classified as self employed or as an employee of the company. I understand IR35 and can help.

Many companies that offer their services to you as a Contractors will be aligned with the agency for whom you work. They will offer many free things to you. They will provide you with a booklet on how they can save you money. They will also ensure that they are paid first, and then once they have received your earnings, and deducted their charges from your earnings, they will pass the remainder of your earnings on to you. It is also likely that if you wish to leave them, should you have a Limited Company it will not be yours to take with you, they will close it down, and not permit it to continue.

Honestly, if we imagined this was the same as buying car insurance, do you go and buy the first quote that you are given, or do you search the market and compare all of the quotes that you have received, and then go for the one with the best value for you?

I do not receive your hard earned funds before you. You receive your funds into your company bank account.

I provide you with a set of monthly management accounts of your business, so that you can see your  companies earnings and expenditure. I take care of all submissions relating to your company with Companies House and HMRC ensuring that all are kept compliant.