iDelete Ltd
Providing a superior service in and ordinary world

iDelete Ltd - Providing a superior service in an ordinary world

Welcome to iDelete

I have worked within the Accountancy field for more than 15 years. During this period of time I have worked within business (manufacturing, retail and legal) and practice, including private office. This has given me robust experience in these vital fields of accountancy, enabling me to impart this wealth of knowledge to you, and your business.

Accuracy is Vital in Accounts

Welcome, I’m Glenn.

When I started in accountancy it was impressed on me that you must ensure your work is accurate. This has remained with me, even though my knowledge has blossomed throughout the years, I still do not forget those words from my first mentor.

Having now been recently made redundant twice, the first being for a white goods firm that did not survive the initial 2008 depression, and the second time for a private office in the second 2012 dip, I have now decided to start on my own.

I am lucky enough to have taken my HGV test in university, this enabled me to fund my studies, and now it is helping me again. When I am not accounting, I am driving commercial vehicles. I understand the work ethic that is required for you to succeed in business. It is this drive that I can bring to you and your business, that is so often lacking elsewhere.

Contact me either by email or ring me on 07845 652846